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[Watch Video] Chris Morris 38* Runs off 9 Balls Innings Highlights IPL 2017 vs RPS

One of the best innings and fast innings of VIVO IPL 2017 has come today from the bat of Chris Morris, who plays for Delhi Daredevils. Chris Morris made 38* (not out) in just 9 Balls with the help of 4 Fours and 3 Sixes, which surely made the day of Audience in the ground, who saw the match. Chris Morris hit really hard to the bowlers of Rising Pune Supergiant in the match number 9 and managed to score 205 runs by loosing just only 4 wickets in 20 overs. You can watch HD Videos Highlights of Chris Morris 38 Runs Innings vs RPS in this post below!
Meanwhile, Sanju Samson hits 1st Century of IPL 2017 in this match too before the innings of Chris Morris. He gets out on the score of 102 Runs off 63 Balls. 

[Watch Video] Chris Morris 38* Runs off 9 Balls Innings HD Video Highlights vs Rising Pune Supergiant match-9 IPL-10 2017

Chris Morris smashed 38 off 9 balls, Rising Pune Supergiant v Delhi Daredevils, IPL 2017, Pune, April 11, 2017

Zampa to Morris, FOUR, smart. Good length at off stump, backs away and slaps this inside-out over extra cover
Zampa to Morris, 2 runs, short outside off stump, chops this to sweeper cover's right
Zampa to Morris, SIX, oh this is huge! Picks the slider that's coming in at leg stump, brings the full swing out and lifts it on the up over deep midwicket. 102 metres
Zampa to Morris, FOUR, this is fabulous from Morris. That is the best looking 16 off 4 you'll see. This is full outside off stump, he holds his shape and somehow mixes class with belligerence as he lifts it inside-out and finds the extra cover boundary on the bounce
Delhi Daredevils 182/4   CH Morris 16* (4b 2x4 1x6)
Stokes to Morris, FOUR, slower ball, good length at the pads, waits and waits before lifting it past short fine leg
Stokes to Morris, 2 runs, full at leg stump, chips it in front of deep midwicket, who doesn't run in quickly enough coz he has lost it in the lights. Two runs as a result
Stokes to Morris, FOUR, oh, take a bow Morris. This is a good ball - yorker down the leg side. He's backed away and tapped this past backward point who dives to his right but can't get to it
Stokes to Morris, SIX, there's no Braithwaite, but that doesn't mean safety for Stokes. Overpitched at leg stump, maintains his shape and uses the pace to lift this gracefully over the square leg boundary
Stokes to Morris, SIX, wallops this several continents wide of leg side! Back of a length, angled in at middle stump. He stands tall and crashes this over the midwicket boundary to cap off one of the best cameos you will ever see.
Delhi Daredevils 205/4   CH Morris 38* (9b 4x4 3x6)

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