David Warner picks Shoes of Basil Thampi upmidway through the run, hands it over to the bowler in VIVO IPL 2017 match vs GL

VIVO IPL 2017 has got many interesting and laughing incidents, one of that come across today during the match against GL. When David Warner, The Captain of Sunrisers Hyderabad was batting against Gujarat Lions in the match number 6 of IPL Season 10. Basil Thampi bowled to Henriques, who's at striker end and He puts length ball back past to the bowler and suddenly slips in follow through, while picking up the bowl. In that way, his one of his shoes come off from his foot. But, Warner picks up his shoes, in the upmidway, while running for a single run and Hand it over to the bowler. He also completes the run in this way.

VIDEO: Hey Mate - Here's your shoe ... David Warner was of some assistance to Basil Thampi after the bowler lost his footwear after his run-up

  • Watch video at: http://www.iplt20.com/video/90144/hey-mate-here-s-your-shoe

  • 6.42 pm IST: Funny thing last over. Basil Thampi’s shoes had come off, but Warner picked it while going for a run and gave it to the bowler. Spirit of Cricket?

Watch Video of David Warner picks Shoes of Basil Thampi upmidway through the run, hands it over to the bowler in VIVO IPL 2017 match vs GL

  • Warner picks up Thampi's shoe as he completes a signal. Warner literally having a ball here. SRH's score reads 89/1 after 10 overs.
It will surely increase some points of Sunrisers Hyderabad in Fair Play Awards 2017 in the VIVO IPL 2017 Points table of Fair Play Award. It will surely increase their Team Standings and Rankings of IPL 10 Fair Play Awards, may be they will come to the top at the final of Fair Play Awards 2017 after the 56 league matches of VIVO IPL 2017.

Basil Thampi to Henriques, 1 run, bunts a length ball back past the bowler, who slips in his followthrough. His shoes come off, but Warner picks it upmidway through the run, hands it over to the bowler and completes the run.

Basil Thampi to Warner, 1 run, back-of-the-hand slower delivery but this is too short and has enough width outside off, slapped to deep point
Basil Thampi to Warner, no run, steered off the backfoot to point. That one clocked 135kph
Basil Thampi to Warner, 2 runs, width outside off, punched into the gap at deep cover
Basil Thampi to Warner, 1 wide, bowls a slower delivery but loses control and ends up floating this way outside off, Warner tried to reach out but slipped. The ball dipped on him , if only had he got this on the stumps
Basil Thampi to Warner, FOUR, width and crashed behind point. Uses the pace to steer this into the gap.
Basil Thampi to Warner, FOUR, welcomed to the bowling crease by a thumping drive between cover and mid-off. It was a length ball at 139kph. Too easy
Surprised at Raina's decision to hold back Thampi till now. Anyway he'll have a first crack now with the game firmly within Sunrisers' grasp. Nevertheless, it's an opportunity for him to impress.

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