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[Watch Video] Gautam Gambhir 4th Attempt Catch of Varun Aaron IPL 2017 vs KXIP 

IPL 2017 has been full of Funny moments and entertaining Catches. One of them held today with Captain of Kolkata Knight Riders team 'Gautam Gambhir' on the last bowl of 20th over against Kings XI Punjab at Eden Gardens, Kolkata. This was the match number 11 from VIVO IPL 2017, when Woakes bowled to Varun Aaron and his leading edge clicks, which goes high. Gambhir gets under that catch. He drops it in First, Second and Third Attempt, then turns 360 degree back and takes it comfortably at the final attempt.

Watch Gautam Gambhir 1 2 3 4th Final Attempt Catch of Varun Aaron IPL 2017 vs KXIP Video Highlights vs Kings XI Punjab download online

VIDEO: One, Two, Three, Oops & Catch - Gambhir finally pouches it… Comedy on the field as Kolkata Knight Riders Captain Gautam Gambhir juggled for a catch. Virender Sehwag was sure left amused 

Woakes to Aaron, OUT, good length at off stump, backs away and tries to hammer this over the off side. Gets a leading edge that goes high. Gambhir gets under it, drops it first attempt, drops it second attempt, lobs it up as he's losing balance on the third attempt, and realises he has nearly gone a full 360 degree as he pouches it on the final attempt.
VR Aaron c Gambhir b Woakes 4 (5b 0x4 0x6) SR: 80.00

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