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Official Pre-Party 'The Gathering':

Tomorrowland 2017 is all set and will being from 21st of July 2017. As you all know Tomorrowland is world's greatest Electronic festival of all time and all the EDM lovers have a dream to visit Tomorrowland atleast once in their life. This is just because The Tomorrowland is not just a festival but it is what we can say a complete different world in its own scence. For two weekends Boom, Belgium is full of music filled with beautiful colors of lights and crackers with the audies from more than 135 countries over the world. And also Tomorrowland dis known for its largest guest list as well as Line up of world's top DJs. Also Tomorrowland provides a beautiful environment to stay in there for a weekend with a great services for visitors and they also make sure that all the people should never forget the days spent at Tomorrowland.

Tomorrowland 2017: A recap of ‘The Gathering’, the Official Warm-up! [VIDEO]

Tomorrowland 2017 is actually beginning from 21st of July, But today already a lot of people felt the magic of Tomorrowland 2017 today. At Brussels Airport flights full with festival-goers from all over the world arrived, as well as AMARE, the Tomorrowland plane.

Thousands of Buses and Trains arrived at Boom, Belgium full with Festival-goers to their Hotels or Dreamville. Dreamville is actually the name of the Campsite at Tomorrowland. Today official pre-party of Tomorrowland which is actually called as 'The Gathering' was organised and has been witnessed by 38000 campers at Tomorrowland. They just got the Recap of what they all gonna get in actual Tomorrowland 2017. High above the clouds... Dreaming of a magical weekend. #GlobalJourney #Amare

Talking about the pre-party 'The Gathering', Every year Tomorrowland organises this party for all the festival goers just to entertain them and get them fall into the music and atmosphere of Tomorrowland. It is just a Recap in which all the audience gets an overview of what they all gonna enjoy throughout the weekend at Tomorrowland 2017. Talking about the DJs who performed at 'The Gathering' Per-Party then some great names like the Belgian jewel Yves V, Romeo Blanco and Sem Thomasson performed there. All the campers got surprised when suddenly they got Afrojack on the Stage. Afrojack's perfomance was a surprise perfomance which was the best amongst all the DJs tonight.

Before getting on the plane with destination Tomorrowland, festival-goers were also treated to a pre-party at the gate at 24 departure airports. 47 flights took the party up in the air with music on board, of which 8 flights even hosted a live DJ-set at 30.000 feet. This shows that Festival-goers of Tomorrowland is treated so nicely that they can enjoy Electronic Party in their flight in the sky ovet 30000 feet altitude as well. This is one of the reason why Tomorrowland is the greatest electronic festival of all time.

Thus this was something about the Per-Party 'The Gathering' of Tomorrowland 2017. And if you like our blog than dont forget to bookmark us so than you will not miss any single information related to Tomorrowland 2017.

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